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Infrastructure has been a focus sector to boost India’s economic growth. The central government announced the implementation of infrastructure projects through the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) in December 2019.

NIP includes sectors like transport, water and sanitation, social infrastructure, commercial infrastructure, energy, logistics, real estate, tourism, information technology. There are more than six thousand projects listed under NIP. The total investment estimated under NIP is amounting to Rs 111 lakh crores. At present, the number of NIP projects is more than 7 thousand as of now. This infographic is based on data that includes a number of projects and investments related to NIP and Non-NIP projects. The sectors covered are transport, water and sanitation, social infrastructure, commercial infrastructure, real state, energy, logistics, tourism, information technology, food processing and others. The projects under NIP include – Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) and Turnkey.

NIP is not only about the implementation of projects but it also recommends a set of reforms –

General reforms – Improving project preparation processes, Enhancing the execution capacity of private sector participants, Robust enabling environment, Institutionalisation and efficiency of dispute resolution, Improving capacity development of the project execution agencies, Strengthening infrastructure quality.

Financial sector reforms – Revitalising the bond and credit markets, Strengthening the municipal bond market in India, Revitalising asset monetisation, Enabling user charges to finance infrastructure as well as overall transformations of the long-term financing landscape.

The data for this infographic is compiled by Shivani Dwivedi and has been designed by Joe Athialy.










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