People’s Forum on BRICS
The People’s Forum (TPF) on BRICS is a collective platform of several people’s movements, networks and civil society organisations from across India. TPF will attempt to raise critical voices from below on social, ecological, political and economic concerns that are often ignored at inter-governmental processes such as BRICS. The TPF will not only monitor and analyse developments at the official and business arenas but also build solidarities across borders with like-minded groups to advance an alternative model of development that puts people before profit.

New Delhi Declaration: New Development Bank – Peoples’ Perspectives: The Peoples’ Forum on BRICS gathered in Delhi on 30th March 2017 to raise deep concerns over the fact that the New development Bank promoted by BRICS is no different from other IFI’s such as the World Bank or Asian Development Bank.  The Forum reviewed various projects that the fledgeling NDB is financing and found that it is promoting a business as usual model, rather than striking a dramatically new path for people-centred development that was promised in the formation of the Bank by the BRICS nations.


What is new with New Development Bank?

Goa Declaration of the People’s Forum on BRICS 2016

People’s Forum on BRICS programmes in Goa in October 2016


Programmes of People’s Forum on BRICS

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