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We have a system of rotating internships of two months, where the interns assist on the various ongoing research and programme related activities. The candidates must have a bachelors degree, preferably, in social sciences.

Internship Available: 

This summer CFA is offering six internships, all for the duration of two months starting from May. They require a keen aptitude for data mining and analytical skills. Familiarity with the socio-economic climate of the country will be appreciated. A report with the compilation of data with analysis of the data to be submitted at the completion of the internship period.

This internship programme aims to expose young social science students to the world of finance seen from the perspective of those the margins. The programme aims to look at our financial institutions and the developmental model critically. One would be exposed to a variety of grassroots and other civil society organisations that work towards various causes beyond the realm of finance.

The candidates must have a bachelors degree, preferably, in social sciences.

International Finance Institutions (IFI) Internship: The team has been working on bilateral, multilateral and other international banks that are investing heavily in various developmental projects in India. To aid their work, the team is offering two internships.

  1. Tracking International Finance Internship:

This internship will be foundational work for developing data and analysis on the kind of investments coming into India and what it would mean for the economy and communities on the ground. This research will also help in demanding accountability and transparency in financial institutions. This will be a good introduction to International Finance and Financial Institutions. It would help in looking at these institutions more critically.

The intern is required to collect and compile data on International Finance coming into India for various sectors like energy, infrastructure, agriculture, defence being a few from France, Canada and  UK. He/she will also update data on International Finance coming into India from Japan, U.S, Korea, Germany and China.

  1. ExIm Bank Internship:

The Indian Export-Import Bank (ExIm Bank) is a very crucial but less scrutinised entity among the Indian Financial Institutions. Though the institution has investments across the world, it has hardly been looked from an accountability perspective. Hence the work will be first of its kind to study the nature and role of investments of ExIm Banks in India, their impact on policies and development planning and investments in India to push for monitoring, and demanding accountability of these institutions.

The intern has to research on Ex-Im banks Investing in India, tracking the history of investments of various ExIm Banks in India, their investments, impacts on national policies(In India) and economy, experiences on the ground and tracing the trajectory of investments.

Energy Finance Internship: Energy sector as a whole and power in specific has been at the centre of developmental debates. Especially with the increasing awareness on environment-friendly energy production and the beginning of impacts of global warming on climate change, it becomes imperative to track, understand and advocate the need for accountability in financing power projects.

The team offers one internship that requires two interns, to collect and compile data on NPA in the Power sector (Infrastructure, Discom and Mining). This work requires not just the expertise to find and analyse the data but to interpret it and make it palatable for grassroots organisations.

Workshop and Capacity Building Internship: This team aims at helping civil society organisations and students to understand the world of finance, through workshops and capacity building programmes. But that requires, being constantly updated on the fast changing socio-economic and political climate in the country and to establish the linkages among the same. The team offers one internship

The doing business report and consequent changes implemented for ease of doing business is something that would have a seismic impact on legislature, workers’ right. Intern needs to collect from various doing business reports of what has changed over a period of years and look into special legislations that are being changed like the Special Relief Act, Document changes in environmental law and guidelines through secondary sources and RTI.

National Finance Internship: The national finance team looks at the national financial institutions and financial policies that have an adverse effect on the lives of people. Given the recent crisis in the banking sector, research and programmes of the team become relevant and current. The team offers one internship.

Intern will be required to collect and compile data on best practices and principles of responsible banking practised at a global level in various international banks. Further, she/he would collect, compile and analyse existing social guidelines for banking in RBI and SEBI. Both these would be the foundational work for developing a safeguard policy and responsible banking practices for the Indian Banks. Such safeguards would go beyond the balance sheet to include social and environmental impacts. Despite its significance and relevance, such a work has not been experimented with in India.


  1. Each intern would have one person-in-charge to guide and provided the necessary help needed during the internship.
  2. If you are interested in one particular internship, kindly specify. If not, you will be assigned to a team.
  3. We welcome you not to limit yourself to one work, but actively involve in the organisation’s everyday functions.
  4. We welcome your feedback and comments at the end of the internship
  5. The interns are expected to make their arrangements for travel and stay in Delhi and bring their laptop.

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