The inaugural edition of the Smitu Kothari Fellowship for Young Writers witnessed around 30 applications on the following themes:

  1. Financing of Smart cities and Industrial corridors: Agenda and impact on urban finance, environment, and services.
  2. International finance on climate change and its investments in India.
  3. Coal power plants near Sundarbans: Impact on the world heritage site and the local community.
  4. The progress of the strategies adopted to contain the rising NPAs in the thermal power sector.
  5. Solar power parks and their impact on the local population.

After careful consideration, the Fellowship Committee selected the following candidates:

  1. Aravind Unni, public policy and developmental activist
  2. Divya Rajagopal, Senior Assistant Editor, The Economic Times
  3. Kushagra Dixit, Journalist, IANS
  4. Manasi Karthik, Researcher
  5. Raksha Kumar, freelance journalist and filmmaker