Who we are

The Centre for Financial Accountability is an independent platform of individuals and organisations which aims to strengthen and improve financial accountability within India.

What we do:

CFA engages in critical analysis, monitoring and critique of the role of financial institutions – national and international, and their impact on development, human rights and the environment, amongst other areas.

We primarily focus on India, partnering with a range of civil society groups, social movements and community groups and trying to ensure that financial institutions are transparent and accountable to the people they exist to serve. However we also look at the South Asia region, and seek to reflect a global perspective, especially given the globalized nature of international finance in the twenty-first century.

In particular, within India, we critically examine and monitor National Financial Institutions (both banking and non-banking) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Our body of work includes both research and programmes. We produce information resources and policy analysis for a range of different readership – civil society, grass-roots movements, general public, media houses, policy makers and parliamentarians. Our awareness programmes work towards demystifying finance though increasing public awareness and encouraging public debates about issues of financial accountability.

We will also engage in outreach – seeking to engage policy makers in discussion and debate, encourage the media to highlight issues of finance affecting the public, and working with civil society across India and the world, to hold these financial institutions accountable for their actions.


To critically analyse, document and challenge the current developmental impact of select financial institutions in India and South Asia. To support communities, movements and people in India to hold financial institutions to account for any negative impacts of their operations. To support and give voice to alternative perspectives on development and the role and responsibility of finance in India.


Our vision is of an equal, fair, transparent and environmentally sustainable India, where development projects do not endanger the lives or livelihoods of impoverished communities, or the sustainability of the planet. India should play a positive role on finance internationally, campaigning for best practice, and people, environment and development-friendly finance.