CFA offers programs to civil society organisations, college students on issues they work on. These workshops offer a basic and advanced understanding on various topics including a) Development Finance b) International Finance and Financial Institutions c) Infrastructure Finance d) National Finance and Finance Institutions and f) Energy Finance

The workshops are conducted in collaboration with hosting organisations mobilising resource persons from CFA and experts outside.

The workshops cater to front line NGO staff, researchers, campaigners, civil society organisations and the general public who are interested in understanding the underpinning of finance and financial institutions in influencing projects, policies and programs.

We organise 3-5 day workshops with Sambavana Institute in Palampur, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and with colleges including Azim Premji, IIT Gauhati, TISS Gauhati, Nirmala Niketan college of social work, Govt college Pithoragarh, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, JD college Delhi.

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