Announcing the 5th edition of the Energy Finance Conference, India on 18-19 January, 2024 

The conference will explore the following themes-

  1. Carbon intensiveness of India’s energy sector and trends of decarbonising, with the lens of justice to the impacted and vulnerable communities. 
  2. Alignment of developmental and climate policies. 
  3. Technological innovations driving the decarbonising of the energy sector/fossil fuel industry (eg CCUS, Carbon Credit, Green Bonds etc) and the consequences of these innovations. 
  4. Experience of past and current climate finance pathways in decarbonising the energy sector. 
  5. Pathways for transitioning away from coal in decarbonising the electricity grid and making them more energy efficient. 
  6. Models of Renewable Energy that would ensure that there is a just transition from fossil fuel-based energy.

    Keynote Address: Energy, Food and the climate crisis by Dr. Vandana Shiva

About the Conference

Centre for Financial Accountability in partnership with Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, IIT-Madras and Climate Trends presents its 5th edition of Energy Finance Conference India.


As in the past years, Energy Finance Conference, India would be bringing together activists, practitioners, academics and policymakers together to discuss issues around the energy sector in India.

Venue: IIT Madras, Chennai

*Detailed schedule and information about the panel and keynote will be shared through email upon registration.

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