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Welcome to issue #2 of Energy Matters, a monthly newsletter which offers updates on the latest news in the energy sector; and analysis on the impacts, politics, investments and science of the emerging developments in the energy sector.

This month, Soumya Dutta writes his monthly column on what we can learn from Fukushima and Chernobyl, to adapt to the twenty-first century world. He urges us to leave the tried and failed nuclear-fission power system of the twentieth century in favour of a cleaner, safer, and cheaper renewable energy world.

The Ennore area of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu has over the years been home to a series of industrial projects, mainly thermal power stations, fertilizer factories, industrial ports, oil and petroleum industries, etc. Coastal communities have been facing the effects of pollution over the years. Deepmala Patel writes about this.

In the 2023-24 budget, the allocation for coal has been cut by 50%. At the face of it, it seems India is phasing out coal, but are we really? Dhwani Shah compares the budget promises on coal and thermal power plant for this year with what has been promised in the last few years.

CFA has published a detailed report on “India’s waste–to–energy paradigm: A policy, environmental and social perspective” which documents and analyses the existing and upcoming WTE plants in the country and the financial, social and environmental impacts of their development. Read more about it in this newsletter. 

Similar to last month, this is a new initiative from CFA, we look forward to your suggestions and ideas on how we can make the newsletter more relevant and interesting to you.

— Energy Team at CFA

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