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We present to you issue #3 of Energy Matters. Through this newsletter, we aim to bring to you updates on the latest news in the energy sector; and analysis of the impacts, politics, investments, and science of the emerging developments in the energy sector.

This month, Soumya Dutta, highlights the inadequacies of the current trajectory of several countries’ energy transition and its implications for people and the planet.

A book review of C.K. Prahalad’s Fortune At The Bottom of The Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits by Raktim Majumder exposes how MNCs continue to instrumentalise those who are disenfranchised for the sake of private profit.

Fouziya Tehzeeb’s report on a field visit to Ratnagiri, takes us through the journey of communities who have struggled decade after decade to protect their lands, natural resources and livelihoods.

Chythenyen D.K. writes about how plastics caused fire & affected air, water, soil, and life in Brahmapuram, exploring the causes of the fire that broke out in the landfill.

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