CACIM (the India Institute for Critical Action- Centre in Movement) was founded in 2005 to promote a culture of critical reflexivity, thought and action in public life and activity. Our programmes are part of the larger effort to create spaces where dialogue can happen among people on the margins, academia and social groups. Through critical action, our attempts are to contribute broadly and more effectively for transformational social power. CACIM grew out of an experimental informal association named Critical Action (CA) that existed during 2001-05 between scholars and organisers in different parts of the world; and of several years prior to that, of research into and direct involvement in the history and dynamics of social and political movement, by several CA members. Having started with a primary focus on the project of democratisation and active citizenship, we gradually expanded into the areas of environment, urbanisation, marginalities, active citizenship, and financial accountability.

CACIM strives to strengthen the capacities and effectiveness of social organisations and their members and of their supporters, through helping them develop a deeper than usual analysis of broader political, social, and economic structures and dynamics that underlie various problems. Our mission is to stimulate multiple learning centres across disciplines and cultures, and support and encourage all those involved in different ways with social organisations, organisers, researchers, teachers, professionals, artists, composers, and thinkers, both mature and young, and to promote criticality in socio-political processes and actions. A related goal is to help social organisations to build mutually supportive alliances instead of operating alone on single issues.

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We are inviting applications for the post of Accounts Associate. CACIM  is an equal-opportunity employer, and we encourage all eligible candidates to apply. The Job Description (JD) of the positions is as follows.


  1. Administer all accounting, taxation process and ensure optimal quality of all processes
  2. Prepare reports for ledgers, trial balance and reconcile all statements and ensure integrity of all data.
  3. Responsible for maintaining accounts and records in various accounting functions.
  4. Prepare budgets and financial statements
  5. Monitor accounting processes, analyze variances and prepare appropriate reports
  6. Coordinate with finance manager for the annual audit process, liaise with external auditors.
  7. Assist Finance manager in monthly closures and year end accounting closures as needed.
  8. Monitor all accounting deliverables, process all vouchers and ensure work according to deadline.
  9. Manage the implementation of Finance Manual and other financial policies

About Working

  1. You will be reporting to Finance Manager Cacim in the New Delhi Office.
  2. You are expected to consistently report to Finance Manager and join and participate in the meetings called by the team and the organisation
  3. This is a full time position and is expected to give your full time to the organisation.

Expected qualities

  1. Ability to work independently, take initiative, meet deadlines, and follow up and follow through on assigned tasks.
  2. Be highly organized, process and detail-oriented, and possess the ability to write and communicate effectively
  3. A problem solver and a team player
  4. Demonstrate a desire to learn with emphasis upon attention to detail

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Education:  Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance
  2. At least 3 years’ experience in non-profits
  3. Proficiency in Tally, Excel and other accounting software

The JD will undergo changes from time to time, in consultation with the employee.

To apply please fill this form. Last day for application is May 10th, 2022.

Selected candidates will be competitive and commensurate with experience.  CACIM offers medical and other leave benefits at par with other organisations in the development sector.  We would like the candidate to join at the earliest.

Please note only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.