Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA) is a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi. CFA engages in critical analysis, monitoring and critiquing the role of financial institutions – national and international, and their impact on development, human rights and the environment, amongst other areas. We primarily focus on India, partnering with a range of civil society groups, social movements and community groups and trying to ensure that financial institutions are transparent and accountable to the people they exist to serve. We produce information resources and policy analysis for a range of different readership – civil society, grassroots movements, general public, media houses, policy makers and parliamentarians. Our awareness programmes work towards demystifying finance through increasing public awareness and encouraging public debates about issues of financial accountability. Our outreach seeks to engage policy makers in discussion and debate, encourage the media to highlight issues of finance affecting the public, and work with civil society across India and the world, to hold the financial institutions accountable for their actions.

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We are inviting applications for the post of Research Associate, International Finance. CFA is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage all eligible candidates to apply. The Job Description (JD) of the positions is as follows.


  1. To monitor financial policies, financial institutions and multilateral forums and convening as per the work plan and brief developed by the team. This will also involve analysis, synthesis (and/or producing briefs) on policies, trends and matters of current interest pertaining to finance, financial institutions and multilateral forums, especially in relation to Global Financial Architecture, International finance.
  2. To support documentation needs of civil society organisations working on project financing and help collect, analyse and interpret data and communicate them to the general public through reports, blogs, articles etc and on CFA’s weekly newsletter ‘Finance Matters’. This generally relates to CFA’s efforts/programs to enhance the capacities of civil society groups and the general public on financial matters, policies and institutions.
  3. To publish analysis through reports, articles, short blogs, podcasts etc regularly

Campaign and Coordination

  1. To  coordinate campaign work though research and data analysis
  2. To disseminate information through organising workshops, strategy meetings and summits whenever required
  3. To produce relevant campaign materials and develop campaign strategies
  4. To coordinate events, meetings, gatherings etc and conduct follow-ups to such meetings, both in terms of communication and documentation to and for the constituency
  5. Coordinate all other teams and teammates in CFA who are collaborating on the event/meeting in question.
  6. Coordinate with media team to bring out quick statements, press releases and responses.


  1. To develop, build alliances, and maintaining good relationships with civil society organisations, and other relevant groups.
  2. To participate and contribute to alliance building process at local, national and international level.
  3. To represent CFA at appropriate forums whenever required

About Working

  1. Your base in Delhi will be ideal for the profile but not a necessity. While you may work remotely, frequent travel will be necessary for the programmes planned for the year.
  2. This will be a full-time role.
  3. You are expected to consistently report to the team lead and adhere and join and participate in the meetings called by the team and network organisations.
  4. You will be required to work outside IST to adhere with global timings for international discussions, meetings and processes.
  5. It is important that you are comfortable strategizing, planning and convening big events and summits, this will be a major part of your profile.
  6. The environment during big events gets a bit fast paced, the candidate should be comfortable with the same.

Expected Qualities

  1. Aptitude towards collective coordination processes
  2. Ability to work in a team and become a team player.
  3. Commitment towards social change.
  4. Open to learning and patience for slow and ambiguous collective process.
  5. Sensitivity towards gender and caste concerns
  6. Self-aware, driven and creative

Qualifications and Experience:

  1.  Masters with experience in research and analysis.
  2. Understanding/ existing work  on International Financial Institutions and their impacts will be an added advantage

The JD will undergo changes from time to time, in consultation with the employee.

To apply please fill this form. Last day for application is May 20th, 2022.

Selected candidates will be competitive and commensurate with experience.  CFA offers medical and other leave benefits at par with other organisations in the development sector. We expect the selected candidate to join at her earliest

Please note only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.