Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA), New Delhi invites applications for the post of Research Associate for their Infrastructure Finance team. The Job Description (JD) of the Research Associate for Infrastructure Finance is as follows – 


  • To monitor infrastructure sector and its development in the context of the national and international financial policies, programs and financial institutions as per brief given and developed every year together with the team lead.
  • To analyse, synthesize and produce briefs, case studies, sectoral reviews, reports, etc on policies, trends, monetary and regulatory mechanisms and matters of current interest pertaining to the infrastructure sector and its financing.
  • To research and documentation needs of civil society organisations working on socio-economic and environmental and infrastructure projects and their financing and financial institutions
  • To collect, analyse and interpret macro and micro level data and communicate them to general public on infrastructure sector and its financing.
  • To initiate programs to enhance the capacities and awareness of civil society groups and general public on infrastructure sector, national and international policies and financial and non-financial institutions.
  • To conduct primary/ secondary research and documentation as decided with the team lead related to infrastructure sector.
  • To undertake field visits to collect data and information from local communities and groups to deepen the understanding and analysis around infrastructure development.
  • To regularly contribute to and publish newsletters, reports, blogs, articles, case studies, field reports and policy analysis/ briefs.

Communication and dissemination

  • To communicate and information dissemination with other CSOs, social movements, grassroots organisations, etc.
  • To disseminate information though organising conferences, workshops, seminars, online/ offline short courses, etc.
  • To produce public awareness and education materials and share with groups working on similar issues.


  • To help in developing, building alliances, and maintaining good relationships with civil society organisations, and other relevant groups.
  • To participate and contribute to alliance building process both at local and national level.
  • To volunteer for causes other than finance and build linkages.
  • To represent CFA at appropriate forums.

Expected qualities

  • Aptitude towards primary and secondary research and data analysis
  • Ability to work in a team and become a team player
  • Ability to work independently and respond to emerging issues
  • Commitment towards larger social-economic transformation
  • Open to learning and new ideas
  • Sensitivity towards diverse communities, gender concerns, environment and justice
  • Self-driven and creative

The JD will undergo changes from time to time, in consultation with the employee.

CFA is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage all eligible candidates especially women to apply.

For candidates based outside Delhi/ Bhopal, remote working can be considered. To apply please fill this form. The last day for application is May 10th, 2023.

Selected candidates will be competitive and commensurate with experience. CFA offers medical and other leave benefits at par with other organisations in the development sector.

Please note, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.