Shivani Dwivedi

This sectoral review attempts to look into the documents available in public domain related to development of port and coastal infrastructure projects in India and the pre-existing and emerging issues around it. The documents reviewed under this sectoral review include research papers, government agency reports, consultancy reports, academic studies, industry association reports, parliamentary committee reports, non-profit reports, civil society, multilateral and other financial institutions, etc.

These documents majorly deal with various aspects related to port and coastal infrastructure projects looking into the national programs for developing such projects, financing and investments required , the myriad kinds of projects and technologies needed to expand India’s export and supply chain capacities in turn boosting the GDP growth, the impact of climate change caused by these projects, the implications for local communities, livelihoods, coastal ecosystems, coastal tourism, legislations, policies and guidelines that need to be put in place to boost the capacities and efficiencies of the port infrastructure. The use of the private sector in these projects also form an important part of the discussion through mechanisms like Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Read and Download the report here: Ports & Coastal Infra Sectoral Review

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