Day 1, December 7, 2020
Inaugural Session: The Political Economy of Energy Transition

Makoma Lekalakala,
South African Activist and Winner of 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize



Vandana Shiva
Environmental Activist & Food Sovereignty Advocate



Sagar Dhara
Environmental / Climate Scientist


Ajay Shankar
Distinguished Fellow, TERI India


E A S Sarma
Former Secretary, Ministry of Power & Ministry of Finance


Day 2, December 9, 2020
What Could Energy Transition Entail in the Indian Context? Lessons to be Learned from the Global Experiences

Soumya Dutta,
Advisory Board member – UN Climate Technology Centre & Network
Topic: An Inquiry in to the current socio-ecological drifts in energy transition.



Rahul Tongia
Senior Fellow, Centre for Social and Economic Progress
Topic: A review of the appropriate technological headway and policy measures required to facilitate a sustainable transition in India.



Thomas Spencer
Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Topic: What can we learn from the history and current state of energy transition for India?



Sreekumar Nhalur
Prayas Energy Group
Topic:  The permutations and combinations within the Indian power sector, shaped and swayed by the energy transition in motion.


Day 3, December 11, 2020
Re-alignments and Progressions in National & International Policies and Governance Practices; Are Justice and Equity the Real Drivers of the Current Energy Shifts in India?

Ashwini K Swain,
Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
Topic: Federal governance and energy transition in India.



Tejal Kanitkar
Associate Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies
Topic: How ‘just’ is the most sanctioned Indian just energy transition?



Gireesh Shrimali
Sustainable Finance Initiative, Stanford University
Topic: The federal and state policies and institutional mechanisms influencing and informing the coal to renewable transition in India and beyond.



Sreedhar Ramamurthi
Environics Trust
Topic: Energy justice for the neglected and alleviating environmental ramifications of transition with focus on coal-mine rehabilitation


Day 4, December 14, 2020
The Socio-Ecological and Cultural Costs of Energy Transitions; Are Sustainability and Sustenance at Crossroads in the Indian Energy Story?

Shripad Dharmadhikary,
Manthan Adhyayan Kendra
Topic: Environmental sustainability of the ongoing energy transition in India.



Gautam Mody
General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative
Topic: Labour rights and reforms through the prism of redistribution of employment avenues in transition times.



Samantha Smith
Lawyer, Activist & Director of the Just Transition Centre
Topic: Global overview of the employment and labour exigencies in the transition to a zero carbon economy.



Bhargavi Rao
Centre for Financial Accountability
Topic: Gender in transition: Is the apparent transition to clean energy gender inclusive?



Manshi Asher
Himdhara, Environment Research and Action Collective
Topic: Dialogues on the inter-linkages between environmental justice and a ‘just’ energy transition


Day 5, December 16, 2020
Financing the Great Indian Energy Transition: Market Regulations, State Policies and International Financial Institutions Determining Access to Capital

Amit Jain,
Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
Topic: The role of Multilateral Development Banks in the global framework of energy transition.



Ashok Sreenivas
Prayas Energy Group
Topic: Where and how should the requisite finances be invested to facilitate a sustainable transition model?



Vibhuti Garg
Energy Finance Analyst, Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis
Topic: The role of financial incentives like subsidies and tax regulations in engineering equitable energy transitions in India and beyond.



Joe Athialy
Centre for Financial Accountability
Topic: How the great Indian “fossil to renewable” transition is aided and guided by the banking system within the country.



Justin Guay
Director, Global Climate Strategy Sunrise Project
Topic: The role and nature of international funding in energy transitions and latest trends in the international investment outflows within the global transition patterns


Day 6, December 18, 2020
Transforming Transportation, Agriculture and Industry in the Transition Age: A Contextual Reading of the Inter-linked Trappings within Distinct Sectors of Indian Economy.

Karthik Ganesan,
Research Fellow, Council on Energy, Environment and Water
Topic: Energy efficiency in the industrial sector and its impact on the ongoing transition to renewable energy in India.



Mahesh Patankar
Senior Advisor and Consultant, Interim India Program, RAP
Topic: Urban solutions to the economic riddles of energy transition in India.



Randheer Singh
Senior Specialist, NITI Aayog
Topic: A review of the issues and challenges within the electric vehicle technology to facilitate an optimal power utilization of alternative energy resources.



Aditi Mukherji
Principal Researcher, International Water Management Institute
Topic: The pros and cons in the advent of renewable energy as the new alternative to farm the sun and the wind, in a bid to dislodge the dependability on fossils as the immortal “cash crops”.



Dinesh Mohan,

Honorary Professor, Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Topic: Examining the possibilities of alternative public and private transportation strategies to guide the ongoing transition better, while also analysing the current policies and implementation in practice.