Roundtable Report By  People’s Forum on BRICS

This year, the official BRICS Summit took place on 24th June, 2022 under the Chinese presidency.  While the geopolitical turmoil across the world appears to be intensifying, there are various other interesting developments taking place within and around the BRICS nations. The series of events before and after the summit forces one to deep dive into what this bloc is upto. The divergent reactions of each of the countries to the imminent events is telling enough. While the BRICS bloc is still consolidating itself, there were also conversations around including Argentina and Saudi Arabia to the fold. Indonesia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Nigeria, Senegal and Thailand are potential strong contenders for the future membership. Given these and other happenings around the bloc, it is important that we analyse these developments from a people-centric lens.

Every year a number of civil society organisations, trade unions and people’s movements come together to organise the People’s Forum on BRICS. The forum makes an attempt to deliberate on the several aspects of the bloc, the developments over the past year and present a people’s alternative for what is at best a loose high-level deliberation.

This year, under the banner of People’s forum on BRICS, a roundtable was organised on 30th June, 2022 where a number of scholars and activists convened to review the developments relevant to the BRICS bloc. The roundtable was chaired by Trevor Ngwane from South Africa. The interventions at the roundtable were made by Boris  Kagarlitsky, Lisa Thompson, Au Loong-Yu, Vijay Prashad, Ana Garcia and Adhemar Mineiro. The speakers at the roundtable touched upon various issues of importance and presented a country-level analysis. The talking points included –

  1. Multilateralism and partnership amongst the BRICS nations – challenges, threats
  2. Modalities of political and security cooperations in the current scenario
  3. BRICS and the reform of the global governance systems
  4. World economic recovery – trade, financial, and monetary cooperation

This roundtable resource booklet presents a clear transcription of the opening comments of the participants. These transcripts are mildly edited to bring cogency to the text.

With the support of our partners at the People’s Forum on BRICS, this booklet will also be made available in other languages  on our website –

People’s Forum on BRICS

July, 2022

Read and download the resource here: BRICS in 2022 Economic and Geopolitical Quandaries

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