Azim Premji University, Bengaluru and Centre for Financial Accountability, New Delhi offer an orientation course on the state of development finance in India.

Finance is usually left to the experts and is looked into in a silo, without looking into the interconnectedness with various other aspects, which governs our lives.

The two-day orientation course on finance will introduce students different aspects of finance:

  • Fundamental premises on which the world of finance is systematically built.
  • Understanding the role of financial institutions beyond lending/banking.
  • Addressing the contemporary issues related to finance in India.
  • Critically looking at the gaps in governance.

The module takes an interdisciplinary approach and the lectures are non-technical.

No prior training/reading in economics/finance is required.

The lectures will be interactive in nature, and will be followed by Q&A and discussions.

This workshop is open to students of Azim Premji University, and CSOs.

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