The art of communication is a very challenging skill, but crucial to all those working in the field of research, education, activism, media and others. At a time when mobility is restricted and populations across the world are struggling with loss of livelihood, school closures, extreme weather incidents due to climate change, the lack of access to health care and the lockdowns and unlocking of cities as they deal with the pandemic, many stories remain to be told, read, discussed, heard and addressed. This clearly shows that communication is vital to survival and to be connected. It is at this crucial point in time that it is important that we learn more than ever before to communicate by writing, reporting, documenting, photographing, recording, and more and sharing vital information to help interact, support and network.

It is in this context that CFA invites you for a Communication and media workshop that will cover different media formats including social media. It will help learn the art of effective writing, capturing visual content and the art of asking questions for interviewing, and more.


The objective of the workshop is to help develop communication skills in early career professionals, researchers, students and others who believe in telling stories and equip them to drive the correct message forward and generate awareness and impact for the target audiences. To help learn creative approaches for content creation and explore digital options to share stories. To strengthen how civil society can use media for campaign, advocacy and networking.


The workshop will be conducted virtually through talks, discussions, some hands-on experience with social media and writing, watching documentaries and more.


3 hours per day for 3 days


20th -22nd October 2021


The workshop will be in English with translations in Hindi and Malayalam, and it will be conducted virtually through Zoom


Early career activists, researchers, working professionals, activists, researchers and students of humanities, media studies, science and law

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