Energy Finance Conference India- 2020

Theme: The Political Economy of Energy Transition

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3:00-6:00 pm: Financing the Great Indian Energy Transition: Market Regulations, State Policies and International Financial Institutions Determining Access to Capital

Session Brief:

  • An analysis of the centrality of the sustainable finance model framework.
  • What relevance does the demand for localized, distributed and affordable energy solutions hold for a country like India?
  • An inquiry into the regulatory policy framework and financial governance strategy of India to help build a sustainable finance ecosystem within the country.
  • What has been the role of international financial institutions like the Multilateral Development Banks in the funding of energy infrastructure in India
  • Has the institution of pension funds or the endorsement of insurance companies finding common grounds with the larger transitory goal of equitable resource deployment across the country?
  • How can the Indian government set an agenda for financing energy transitions by bringing together the public and the private on the shared target of a viable financial model, rooted in policy certainty and innovative financial solutions?

Chair: Arjun Dutt, Senior Analyst, CEEW Centre for Energy Finance


Amit Jain, Energy Specialist, The World Bank  

  • The role of Multilateral Development Banks in the global framework of energy transition.

Ashok Sreenivas, Prayas Energy Group

  • Where and how should the requisite finances be invested to facilitate a sustainable transition model?

Vibhuti Garg, Energy Finance Analyst, Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

  • The role of financial incentives like subsidies and tax regulations in engineering equitable energy transitions in India and beyond.

Joe Athialy, Executive Director, Centre for Financial Accountability

  • How the great Indian “fossil to renewable” transition is aided and guided by the banking system within the country.

Justin Guay, Director, Global Climate Strategy Sunrise Project

  • The role and nature of international funding in energy transitions and latest trends in the international investment outflows within the global transition patterns.

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