Energy Finance Conference India- 2020

Theme: The Political Economy of Energy Transition

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3:00-6:00 pm: Transforming Transportation, Agriculture and Industry in the Transition Age: A Contextual Reading of the Inter-linked Trappings within Distinct Sectors of Indian Economy.

Session Brief:

  • The transition phase that India in particular and the world at large is currently experiencing involves significant convergence, consolidation and contestations among different economic categories.
  • Sectors like agriculture, industry and transportation play an important role in the energy transition processes due to the historical involvement of these categories in managing the key resources and essentials, like land, mobility, GDP or domestic supply networks that defines and makes transition possible.
  • An evaluation of the operational energy efficiency within the Indian industrial sector that had to both deploy new technology and adjust to additional policy mandates with the country navigating through an apparent transition from disruption to growth .
  • What are the capital and energy costs of the new transportation infrastructure that occupies the centre of the operational mobility of a post-carbon economy?
  • How has the new systems-driven transportation paradigm, with battery electricity storage systems and electric vehicles, fared in conferring the desired flexibility to balance demand and supply during the transition from coal to renewable in India?
  • How has the sustainable agro-models been able to strike a balance between maximizing crop productivity while minimizing detrimental environmental impacts and maintaining economic stability within the country?

 Chair: Sarah Alexander, Senior Adviser, SELCO Foundation


Karthik Ganesan, Research Fellow, Council on Energy, Environment and Water

  • Energy efficiency in the industrial sector and its impact on the ongoing transition to renewable energy in India.

Mahesh Patankar, Senior Advisor and Consultant, Interim India Program, RAP

  • Urban solutions to the economic riddles of energy transition in India.

Randheer Singh, Senior Specialist, NITI Aayog

  • A review of the issues and challenges within the electric vehicle technology to facilitate an optimal power utilization of alternative energy resources.

Aditi Mukherji, Principal Researcher, International Water Management Institute

  • The pros and cons in the advent of renewable energy as the new alternative to farm the sun and the wind, in a bid to dislodge the dependability on fossils as the immortal “cash crops”.

Dinesh Mohan, Honorary Professor, Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  • Examining the possibilities of alternative public and private transportation strategies to guide the ongoing transition better, while also analysing the current policies and implementation in practice

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