The handbook on India’s Free Trade and Investment Agreements is an attempt to keep pace with the dynamic nature of free trade and investment agreements. This book explains the complex economic and technical jargon in lucid language for an intelligent layperson. This handbook maps India’s free trade and investment agreements and flags concerns with regard to their implications in various sectors, attempting to bring to fore how these agreements, in the absence of multilateral agreements, often mimic the unequal power equations that exist in the geopolitical sphere.

It has been the attempt of the Centre for Financial Accountability to simplify and widen the discussion on the economy, finance and trade from academic and intellectual circles to civil society organisations and actors for a better understanding of the policies and agreements that impact the political economy of the country. Since many of these negotiations are done in secret, analytical publications like this can deepen democratic debate through informed opinion-making.

This handbook will provide an easy reference for civil society organisations to understand the implications of free trade and investment agreements in their respective areas of enquiry, be it agriculture, labour, public sector among others. As time goes by, we aim to periodically update the handbook with the latest happenings in the arena. This handbook is available in both English and Hindi.

Read and download the resource here: Handbook on Free Trade and Investment Agreements 

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