Energy Finance Conference 2019

August 16-17, 2019
IGCS Hall, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

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As an emerging force in the global energy economy, it becomes imperative for a country like India to support its expanding economy by identifying energy as a cardinal determinant to achieving its developmental goals. The challenge before the energy policy-makers in the country today is to evolve a secure, sustainable and innovative energy sector that would also resonate well with the country’s commitment towards its climate pledges that resolves to follow a cleaner path towards economic development. Any transition to a process of sustainable development would invariably require the accompaniment of a judicious outlining of the energy policy that is compatible with the actual (and not projected) developmental needs of the country. Such a well-designed policy should also serve as the rationale behind the demand and supply of energy all across the country.

In the context of the rapidly growing demand for energy, which has set in to motion an ever increasing concern about the accompanying economic and environmental ramifications, it has to be spelt out that the need of the hour is an efficient and well-designed energy regime in the country. Such a systematized energy regime has to be mindful of the accessibility of the vast populace to energy resources, energy security of the poor and the repercussions on environment emanating from over projections of demands. As the energy policies of an incumbent government leave its mark on all sectors of the economy, there is the need for a larger dialogue on the need to judiciously maximise the security of energy supplies in the country to fuel development without burdening both man and the environment. The need to maintain a balance between the rationale and the motivations behind policy making in the Indian energy sector is hence at present at an all time high.