India assumes the G20 presidency in 2023, forming a pivotal part of the existing G20 troika alongside Indonesia and Brazil. This juncture arrives as the post-pandemic global landscape contends with a confluence of challenges: geopolitical tensions, warfare, rising global debt, the impending spectre of recession, worldwide food insecurity, environmental crises encompassing climate and biodiversity, and the erosion of democratic spaces across multiple nations.

However, the G20 proceedings unfold amidst a paradox, ostensibly championing itself as the ‘Mother of Democracy,’ even as hundreds of thousands are forcibly displaced for city beautification in preparation for the event. This compact booklet endeavours to provide an overview of the G20 and underline the imperative for collective solidarity among people. This solidarity, in turn, serves as a foundation to hold these institutions accountable, enabling them to confront the formidable contemporary challenges effectively.

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