World Without World Bank 2022

New Delhi | 21st April 2022

This year, the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings took place virtually from the 22nd to the 24th of April, 2022. On a parallel front, continuing from the last few years, the Financial Accountability Network India and Working Group on IFIs (WGonIFIs) organized a day-long event under the banner of World Without World Bank on April 21st 2022 at the India International Centre in New Delhi. This year various civil society organisations, activists, grassroots movements, and trade unions came together to question and challenge Multilateral Development Banks, their influence, policies and investments under the larger theme of World Bank & International Finance: Legacy, Lessons & Current Struggles.

The day-long event consisted of 3 panels and a keynote address (consider checking the annexure) that sought to examine the newer, complex ways in which multilateral development banks (MDBs) and other international finance institutions operate and dodge accountability. It was also an opportunity for the participants to look beyond MDBs towards the new funding modalities like private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds, among others, exploring the issues of accountability in the context of these changing realities and of traditional project finance where failures and gaps within accountability systems are more than evident.

Talks from the World Without World Bank 2022 event can be accessedĀ here.

Read and download the resource here: World Bank & International Finance: Legacy, Lessons & Current Struggles

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