Most of the International Financial Institutions enjoy legal immunity in most of the countries. The immunity enjoyed by IFI’s like the World Bank Group raises pertinent questions around the extent of immunity granted to these institutions to obstruct people’s fundamental right to access justice where people’s right to life and livelihood with dignity have been gravely impacted due to the investments of these institutions. The workshop will focus on the two issues whether the immunity still stands when the IFI’s are engaging in commercial activities which cause damage to people and the environment and also whether the immunity provided is constitutionally valid?

Moderator: Joe Athialy (Centre for Financial Accountability)

Speakers: Leo Saldhana; Environment Support Group, Sreedhar Ramamurthi; Environics Trust, Bharat Patel; Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan, Budha Ismail Jam, Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan

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