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The Primer on Finance, published by the Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA), provides a very competent account of the various concepts, instruments, and policies as are commonly used in the vast and upcoming canvas of finance. It will be a must-read for whoever wants to be familiar with the expanding world of financial transactions, of banks as well as the corporates in the Indian economy.

I recommend the book to all who need a clear understanding of finance – the students, researchers, laypersons as well as the specialists in the money market, which include the policy-makers in the government. I congratulate CFA for the excellent as well as meaningful work they are providing for us.

Sunanda Sen

New Delhi, February 2022

Download and read the primer here:

In English: Demystifying Finance English 

For Hindi visit here.

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* Demystifying finance to common people
* Making financial institutions transparent and accountable
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Sudhakaran k g
Sudhakaran k g
7 months ago

Very informative. Thank you so much