On behalf of the Centre for Financial Accountability, Focus on Global South and Economic Research Foundation, we invite you to a two day Conference on Finance in India (COFI).

The theme of the conference is
The Dynamics of the Global Recession:
Repercussions on India and The Way Forward

▪️ Date: 11th – 12th November
▪️ Venue: Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi

Concept brief: There are growing apprehensions of a global economic recession in the coming months. And given that the world, particularly the global south, is still struggling to recover from the shock of the pandemic, the timing could not have been worse. While analyzing the dynamics of the oncoming recession and its consequences for India given the state of our economy, the conference will also critique and look beyond the mainstream ways of combating it.

To be preceded by the Release of the
State of Finance in India Report 2021-22
on 11th November 10am by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, CP Chandrasekhar,
Shalmali Guttal, Joe Athialy & Arpita Dase



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