A two-day workshop for Civil society and Regional Media

26th and 27th November 2021

With growing integration of economic activities around the world, international trade becomes an interesting arena for observers of international political economy and development practices and with the upcoming WTO MinisterialĀ  2021 some of the longstanding issues would be taken up and deliberated upon. Given the post-pandemic context, we might be at an inflection point, hence, it is important that countries getting involved in global trade realize their full potential and gain equitably from development and that this endeavour serves the best interests of the farmers, workers, fisherfolks, traders and local industries, etc. It is important that developing countries engage in global trade and participate in the global economy on their own terms that are relevant to their context and time.

Therefore, it becomes imminent for the people of the country, especially civil society and media to have a good understanding of the principles and fundamental contours of international trade (both from the an overarching institutional perspective and the bilateral agreement perspective) so that they can critically evaluate and comment on the various policy decisions and actions being taken by the government in trade related negotiations. It is important that theyĀ  have a detailed and in-depth understanding of the relevant issues because multilateral trade negotiations today are a very complex subject.

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Topic: Unpacking the WTO & Free Trade Agreements
Time: Nov 26, 2021 11:00 AM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
Nov 27, 2021 11:00 AM

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Meeting ID: 930 6107 9074
Passcode: WTOFTA

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