Interrogating “recovery” A webinar series questioning claims of post-COVID economic recovery

Hosted by Centre for Financial Accountability & NewsClick

Moderated by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

Over the last few months, the media has been abuzz with claims of “rapid recovery” and “record growth” for the Indian economy. There have also been claims that the pandemic induced crisis is behind us and we are well on our way to pull off the world’s fastest growth this year. How much of such claims actually hold when confronted with the reality? How much of it is just a number-game? What has “recovery” actually meant for the people? And what should a meaningful recovery look like?

LIVE on NewsClick (YouTube) and Centre for Financial Accountability (Facebook)

29th November
The numbers behind the “record recovery”

3rd December
Evaluating the Govt’s steps towards recovery

6th December
What has “recovery” actually meant for the people?

10th December
What should have a people-centric recovery meant?

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