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This preliminary report on ‘Solar Power in India’ looks at the solar power scenario, projects and financing mechanisms in India with a focus on Rewa Mega Solar Power Project in Madhya Pradesh. India has huge solar energy potential and the government is targeting large number of solar projects in the country to achieve it. India’s renewable energy sector and specifically solar power is garnering a lot of interest from various players like the private solar power producers, equipment manufacturers, private investors as well as financial institutions. The major focus of the report is on the financing mechanisms and the role of government agencies as well as the international financing institutions like the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and others. The report also identifies various measures announced by the central government to provide such solar projects. The report documents the projects details, financing, institutions and public support to Rewa project specifically. It also documents and analyses the various impacts and concerns related to Rewa mega solar project like social, environmental, livelihoods, pastoral, groundwater and land acquisition on the local communities.

Rewa Report Final

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