Wind and solar electricity costs have fallen so much that building
new renewable generation is now cheaper than operating 39% of
the world’s existing coal capacity, and this will increase to 60% of
existing capacity in the next two years, according to the UN. Half of
India’s current coal capacity will be uncompetitive against
renewables in 2022, said, Antonio Guterres, while speaking at the
Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture on August 22, 2020. He further
added that if the 1.5 degree limit is breached then India will endure
more intense heatwaves, floods and droughts, increased water stress
and reduced food production, all undermining progress towards the
Sustainable Development Goals.

He ended by saying that both the pandemic and the climate crisis
have raised fundamental questions about how to ensure the health
and well-being of the world’s people and about how nations must
cooperate to advance the common good.

This booklet by Tanya Thomas is a critical study looking at India’s
energy systems and issues surrounding it today. Based on facts and
current trends she offers not only the way ahead but also seeks
answers to uncomfortable questions not being asked around the
sudden renewables growth. There are legacy issues with the hydro
and then there are environmental and economic costs with the
fossils, she discusses it all.

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