‘Cultural shift to redefine values is needed’

Activists from various forums came together to discuss climate and development at a Climate Action Forum organised by Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG), Centre for Financial Accountability, Environment Support Group and Movement for Advancing Understanding on Sustainability And Mutuality here on Saturday.

3Rs not enough

Claude Alvarez, founder, Organic Farmers Association of India, said when major development projects were being considered, the future of the displaced poor should be taken into consideration.

He said that the present set of 3Rs — recycling, reduce and reuse — would not be enough and that the public must resist, rebel and revolt.

Vettiver Collective’s Nithyanand Jayaraman said, “It is not enough if we plant trees or say no to plastics, what we need is a cultural shift to redefine values,” he said, citing examples of how vast marshlands in and around the city were being converted to make way for projects.

Ananthoo, Safe Food Alliance, said sustainable agricultural practices were necessary to manage the climate emergency. “This will help avoid pesticides and GM seeds; and ensure nutrition to the masses. At the same time, urban consumers must also think of how much goes back to the farmer or producer. They should also start supporting ecologically and economically viable projects,” he said.

The article, published in The Hindu, can be accessed here.

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