The State of Finance in India report is a first of its kind that expands the domain of finance and economics beyond the confines of ivory tower experts. It invites writings from a cross section of academics, policy makers, activists, social practitioners and of course eminent economists who engage with questions from ground.

Given that finance and money touches and shapes our lives in more ways than one, this ensemble of authorship gives the report a certain multidimensional character that allows us to explore the concerns of the day in a much broader as also deeper sense. 

Wearing a critical, alternative and bottom up lens while looking at finance and economy, the compilation stands out as it gives us an opportunity to critique the mainstream or dominant view in a language and form that is accessible to a larger audience.

This is the first edition of the report for the year 2021-22. The report is a result of the combined efforts of Centre for Financial Accountability, the Economic Research Foundation and Focus on Global South. The editorial board comprises CP Chandrashekhar, Jayati Ghosh, Shalmali Guttal, Nitin Sethi, Joe Athialy, Bhargavi Rao and Benny Kuruvilla.

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