The session-wise presentations are shared below.

Day 1, August 16, 2019

SESSION 1: An Inquiry into the Past, Present and Future of the Indian Energy Trajectory: Has it Gone Beyond the Epithet of Being an (In) Consistent Energy Market Interrupting the Energy Security for the Poor?

Topic: The Energy Challenges for India today

M.G. Devasahayam, former Chairman, Haryana Electricity Board
Topic: The energy trajectory of the country and the policy changes that defined the energy economy of India


Dr Chella Rajan, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Topic: The Institutional history of the Electricity Sector in the backdrop of the enactment of the 2003 Electricity Act


Shuboday Ganta, Ernst & Young
The Financial Vulnerabilities of a non-systematized energy regime and its reverberations on the consumption of commercial and non-commercial sources of energy in the country

Neeraj Vagholikar, Kalpavriksh
Topic: Is hydropower benign, reliable and financially viable? – A reality check from Northeast India



SESSION 2: The Role of Finance in Energy Transition Experiences Around the Globe and the Lessons Perused from International Realignments in the Energy Debate.

Kashish Shah, IEEFA
The role and nature of international funding towards global energy transitions along with exploring the influence of the finance industry entities in engineering such transformations


Aarti Khosla, Director, Climate Trends
Topic: A peek into the global trends of shifting priorities of financial institutions and insight on the socio-economic implications emanating from an unchecked reliance on fossil fuel-dependent energy regimes


Sreedhar Ramamurthi, Environics Trust
Topic: The contribution of the globally financed energy transitions towards sustainable and equitable growth in developing and developed energy economies with specific emphasis on the trends of energy finance in South Asia                                  

SESSION 3: The Economics and Politics of Rising NPAs: An Inquiry into the Financial Impacts of the Indian Energy Policy.

Thomas Franco, Former General Secretary, All India Bank Officers Confederation
Topic: The current asset-stranding crisis in the country and the need for suitable government interventions and implementation of better policies to put in place a well-structured energy transition trajectory in the country


Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Senior Journalist & Author
Topic: Linking the political economy of NPA with the strategizing of coal and coal-based energy policies in India while also understanding the role and state of financial institutions like banks which were at the centre of the power mess post the NPA crisis

Vibhuti Garg, IEEFA
Topic: An analysis of the financial implications of Non-Performing Assets on the state finances along with suggesting ways of meticulous investments in the power sector


SESSION 4: The Fiscal Oversell of Power DISCOMs and the Reverberation of its Payment Default on Banks and Customers.

Rasika Athawale, Regulatory Assistance Project
Topic: An insight into the business and investment decisions that drive the market policies of DISCOMS in India along with a data-based account of the falling average power exchange prices in the country.


Ashok Rao, All India Power Engineers’ Federation
Topic: DISCOMS as prime movers of coal power asset stranding and the repercussions presented by such an exigency on the financial institutions of the state

Ann Josey, Prayas Energy Group
Topic: Challenges before the DISCOMs of today and options to avoid the financial crisis of tomorrow.


Day 2, August 17, 2019

SESSION 1: Has the Over-Exhaustion of Fossil Fuels Galvanized the Energy Policy-Makers in the Country to Move Towards a Secure, Sustainable and Innovative Energy Sector?

Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Chief Executive OfficerVasudha Foundation
An insight into how the coal power projects are augmenting the water crisis in India


Joe Athialy, Centre for Financial Accountability
Topic: An overview of the key financiers behind coal and renewable energy projects in India


K Vishnu Mohan Rao, Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group
Topic: Energy & Environment: An uneasy convergence? The case of Flue Gas Desulfurization


Pooja Kumar, Coastal Resource Centre
Topic: Understanding the critical aspect of health-associated impacts of fossil fuel and huge renewable energy projects in the country


SESSION 2: Investment Roadblocks and Business-driven Demands for Renewable Power Generation in India: The Way Forward for a Clean Energy/Low-Carbon Technology in India.

Svati Bhogle, TIDE, Bangalore
Topic: Challenges to the distributed renewable energy sector In India in times of 24×7 grid power of all


Nityanand Jayaraman, Vetiver Collective
Topic: Equitable and just access to energy needs a paradigm shift and not a techno-fix


Raghunathan K. E, CMD, Solkar Solar Industry Ltd
Topic: Issues plaguing the Renewable Energy sector – the crisis surrounding regulations, governance and finances

Bhargavi S Rao, Independent Researcher
Topic: A case study on one of the world’s biggest solar parks – Pavagada in Karnataka- and the lessons to learn and (un) learn from the scrutiny.


SESSION 3: Integrating the Socio-Economic Costs of Displacement and Destitution in to the Indian Energy Story by Charting out the Road Map for a Sustainable, Equitable and Just Energy Pathway in the Country.

Soumya Dutta, Advisory Board member – UN Climate Technology Centre & Network
Topic: An inquiry into the best possible energy mix for India that will be both affordable, and equitable along with also being sustainable?

V.P Raja, Ex-Chairman, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
Topic: An insight into the role of regulatory bodies in ensuring a cost-effective energy transition in India

Leo Saldanha, Environment Support Group
Topic: An exploration into the paradox of solutions manifesting as the newer challenges in the energy finance domain

Manu MathaiAzim Premji University
Topic: The Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU): An Overview


SESSION 4: State Regulations and Energy Governance in India: Way Forward for the Energy Finance Transition.

Ashok Sreenivas, Senior Fellow, Prayas Energy Group
Topic: Energy governance framework for India in the context of the upcoming energy transition


Rishabh Jain, CEEW, Centre for Energy Finance
Topic: The funding scenario of Renewable energy in India at present and the policy steps to be initiated to provide an investment boost to the Renewable Energy Sector.


Deepak Krishnan, World Resources Institute
Topic: The need to strengthen the regulatory framework for water consumption by thermal power projects in India


Nitin Sethi, Business Standard
Topic: The Politics behind the Indian Energy planning process- the drivers, the challenges and the need to change.

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