Franco was speaking at the public meeting titled Last battle to save PSBs on November 29, 2017, at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. The meeting was jointly organised by All India Bank Officer’s Confederation (AIBOC), National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), and New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI).

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  • Cheriyan VJ

    The basic objective of Bank Nationalisation has been skipped by the so called Nationalists and Patriotics. The beneficiaries of Nationalisation are sidelined and are replaced by the Corporates, who are acting as the sponsors of the Government, for whom all freebies are extended in the name of promotion and their credits are swiped off in the name of NPA haircuts. The soul of our country is now pledged to these sponsors. Let us try to protect this country suitable for our generations to live in

  • Vinod Modak

    Very informative speech, excellent elobration the effect of bailin which will kill the PS Banks, the bad motive of present government


    Mr.Francos speech shows his courage and conviction towards doing good things to the community there by to our nation is highly laudable.his remarks about withdrwal of strike how lead to so much of enquiry symbolically informs any news from the reliable source would give a very good fillip towards the people in the banking sector and there by the entire nation.thanq comrade for your enlightened speech


    The speech was highly informative and thought provoking. Let us hope public will realize the imminent danger ahead in the Indian Banking Sector and will join hands to unitedly fight against measures which threatens the very root of our existing Banking system.

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